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Project Governance: Project Assurance

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Establishing a PMO Focussed on the Management and Delivery of Multiple Programs of Work

The Challenge

As a newly created agency, the Department of Communities combined services from seven previously disparate government departments and agencies, each with different strategies and approaches to program and project governance.  In this environment, Communities faced significant challenges managing a diverse range of key projects, each with varying degrees of interdependence and at different stages in the project lifecycle.

The Solution

KDR established a new Project Management Office (PMO) structure, and introduced a range of standard processes and procedures for program and project governance.  KDR also identified various project streams, and was responsible for driving the overall Program of Work.  This included the establishment of a robust architectural platform, and delivery of 19 projects to consolidate and rationalise the ICT operating environment.  KDR planned and designed the Program, maintained the Program’s overall governance framework, and co-ordinated projects and other interdependencies within the Program.

The Outcome

The introduction of pragmatic and robust governance procedures helped Communities minimise duplication, streamline services and reduce costs and overheads.  As a result, Communities were able to consolidate 65 separate projects into three key program streams, and rapidly bring 6,500 staff into a Single Identity and Managed Operating Environment.  Communities successfully progressed through a Finance Gateway Review, and were able to demonstrate close alignment with State Government strategic objectives.