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KDR COVID-19 Update

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KDR COVID-19 Update


KDR, along with the rest of the community, is closely monitoring circumstances relating to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on KDR’s actions in response to the virus, along with a request for advice regarding actions which may impact KDR’s employees or contractors.

KDR Update

KDR is taking the following actions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • KDR is closely monitoring developments in relation to COVID-19 on a daily basis;
  • KDR has recently reviewed our Business Continuity Plan, and made a number of adjustments to ensure the impact of COVID-19 on KDR operations in minimised as much as feasible.  KDR’s core business operations are all currently on-line and available remotely, and we are confident our business is able to continue operating with little disruption;
  • KDR is aware that customers are also closely reviewing the possible impact of COVID-19 on operations, and we will work closely with you to ensure compliance with any relevant policies, procedures and directions regarding the health and safety of our respective teams;
  • KDR also notes that our policies and infrastructure allow for remote-working, and we will support employees and contractors who are required to work remotely should this occur.  KDR will work closely with customers to resolve any potential occupational health and safety issues in relation to remote-working;
  • We continue to advise our employees and contractors to closely monitor events, to maintain the health protocols as advised by the appropriate Health agencies, and to comply with customer directions in relation to COVID-19 in all circumstances.  KDR will promptly report any known health impact to a KDR team member as soon as this information becomes available to KDR.

Request from Customers

We would like to request customers advise KDR regarding any actions in response to the virus with may impact KDR’s employees or contractors:

  • Please notify KDR of any changes to customer policies, procedures or directions which may impact any KDR employee or contractor;
  • If you have any questions regarding KDR actions in response to COVID-19, please contact KDR directly at any time.


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